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My Mother - Murdered at Auschwitz


My Grandmother - Murdered at Auschwitz


My Grandaunt - Murdered at Auschwitz


I was born in Berlin, Germany on 10/10/31. As Hitler's power increased we were subjected to ever increasing incidents of harassment: on krystalnacht, we were locked in the Synagogue in the Auerbach, the Jewish orphanage where I was living ... and the eternal flame was disconnected from the gas supplying pipe, an early attempt to gas us by the nazis... One of the older children broke a window and the fresh air mercifully revived us. From then until we left, the gestapo kept two machine guns trained on our orphanage from the surrounding rooftops to prevent us from forming any kind of resistance.

On July 4th, 1939 the children of the orphanage were able to leave Berlin on a kindertransport to France. We went to Chateau de Quincy 30 km SE of Paris. Shortly before the Germans occupied Paris, we tried to escape the rapidly closing pincer movement of the Blitzkrieg. After 3 days of traveling by road and coal barge down the Seine, constantly dodging the onslaught of the luftwaffe strafing the retreating French army, we suddenly found ourselves at the battlefront. We spent two hellish days in a barn waiting for one of the showers of shells around us to score a direct hit.... yet somehow, none did. The Germans told us to return to where we had come from and so back to Chateau de Quincy. The chateau had already been acquired by the German army when we arrived back. We were allowed to live on the second floor and had to become the German's servants. Preparing their food, polishing their boots, currying their horses, and whatever other menial tasks needed to be attended to. Several months into this arrangement, an incident occurred that angered the Germans and we were kicked out of the chateau.

We were dispersed around Paris. Around December 1940, while I was living in a Jewish orphanage in Paris, the Nazis were becoming more active. The Jewish lady in charge of the orphanage was taken away in custody and the same night Wolfgang Grajonsca and I were spirited to a train station in Paris and then somehow successfully transported into un-occupied France. I stayed there at Chateau de Chaumont, Mainsat, Creuse until July 1941 and then made my way along with a group of other refugees to Marseille, Spain, and Portugal where I boarded the Serpa Pinto and after 14 days at sea arrived in NY. I later found out the my mother, my father's mother and grandaunt were murdered at Auschwitz. Grandfather Hermann Jungmann (father of my mother) was a Rabbi in a Synagogue in Bernburg, had been arrested during Krystalnacht and released after several months in a concentration camp. His synagogue was burned to the ground.  He was admonished to never hold services again. He then held clandestine weekly services in the back rooms of Jewish stores and various apartments... usually by candlelight. 

I just found out today(May 19, 2011) That grandfather Herman Jungmann and his wife grandmother Paula Jungmann were both deported to Auschwitz, extermination camp on July 13, 1942. They were my mother's parents. 

Since I've posted this web page, I've been contacted with several of the children who I lived with at the Auerbach orphanage in Berlin and at Chateau De Quincy and at Chateau De Chaumont. These have been very rewarding reconnections with our pasts.... if any other children from the Auerbach, Chateau De Quincy, Chateau De Chaumont happen to read this, please send me an e-mail.

I recently gave a more detailed testimony for the Survivors of the Shoah project and I will elaborate more on this in the future.

During my research for the testimony, I contacted the National Archives in Washington DC and was gratified to receive a copy of the page of the passenger manifest of the Serpa Pinto which included my name as well as the other children of the group that I was a part of for the voyage to the United States. We arrived at NY harbor on Sept 24, 1941..we had departed from Lisbon, Portugal on Sept 9, 1941.   We zigzagged across the Atlantic to avoid the U-boat menace.  But halfway into our voyage we were detained by a U-boat for 2 hours.  The dreaded torpedoes never materialized and we continued our travels to New York. 

SERPA PINTO - The ship that brought us to the United States

Following is a list of the names of the children on that passenger manifest.... Perhaps someone reading this will recognize a name and E-mail me where if possible I could contact that 1941 fellow voyager.

Excerpt from passenger manifest of Serpa Pinto, Sept 24, 1941
Josef Findling 13 Contacted 12/98
Siegfried Findling 10 Contacted 12/98
Martin Findling 9 Contacted 12/98
Miltrude Kathe Straahs 12
Edith Roth 10
Felix Roth 14
Manfred Mane 12 Contacted 08/2005
Gertraude Mane 9 Contacted 08/2005
Werner Goldschmidt 12
Hans Siegfried Hanauer 11
Dieter Hanauer 9
Thomas Vladimir Mertens 13
Henri Pasch 13
Heinz Hermann Sinasohn 15
Erika Glaser 10
Erich Paul Thorn 11 Contacted 09/01
Eduard Goldschmied 9 Contacted 03/01
Otto Berg 7
Alfred Ismael Berg 10
Martin Lewin 10
Joachim Lewin 11
Wulf Wolodia Grajonca 10 see Bill Graham Presents
Jacques Israel Jechok Plat 13 Contacted 3/99
Henri Plat 9 Contacted 3/99
Benjamin Plat 7 Contacted 3/99
Sadine Feuer 13 Contacted 9/98
Friedle Feuer 11 Contacted 9/98
Semi Freuer 5 Contacted 9/98
Susie Hilsenrath 12 Contacted 9/98
Josef Hilsenrath 11 Contacted 9/98
Siegmund Cige 10  
Manfred David Cige 11  
Horst Nathan 11  
Jacob Hirsch 11  
Elie Hirsch 7  
Werner Francois Julien Gossels 8 Contacted 12/96
Claus Peter Rolf Gossels 11 Contacted 12/96
Samuel Stuck 12  
Heinz Grunberg 12  
Margit Grunberg 12  
Kurt Heinz Berg 7  
Max Krolik 12  
Rosa Krolik 7 Contacted 12/98
Manfred Tidor 9 Contacted 12/98
Camilla Tidor 10  
Alice Grunewald 9 Found 10/2010
Lilly Grunewald 12 Found 10/2010
Inge Grunewald 12 Found 10/2010
Edith Moses 12  
Rolf Alfred Weinmann 10  
Irma Sterner 11 Contacted 8/01
Helene Hoch 11  
Norbert Israel Rosenblum 15 Contacted 4/01
Eva Gabrielle Mayer 10 Contacted 9/96
Ruth Marianne Mayer 12 Contacted 9/96

Bill Graham Presents

In April, 1999 I was contacted by David Motson of the Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington. He suggested that Wulf Wolodia Grajonca (aka Wolfgang Grajonca) listed above in my Serpa Pinto manifest became Bill Graham, the rock music promoter. Further research on both our parts proved definitively that my childhood friend from Berlin, France and the Serpa Pinto was indeed Bill Graham. Sadly Bill was killed in a helicopter crash in 1991.Below is a picture of Wolfgang (Bill Graham) on the left and myself taken at the Auerbach orphanage in Berlin in May,1938.




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